COGZ Maintenance Resources

COGZ Maintenance experts share insights on the maintenance industry, CMMS, and COGZ tips and tricks.

CMMS Announces Release of CMMS Dashboard

COGZ Releases CMMS Dashboard. Visualize maintenance performance in real time. See a complete overview of your maintenance department at a glance. Make complex data simple to understand. 

Get More Work Done by Improving Maintenance Communication

 When your maintenance department has more work to do than hours in the day, the only way to get more done is to improve efficiency. Improve maintenance team communication to achieve this.


What is the difference between CMMS and EAM Software? Which is the right choice for my company?

COGZ Releases Version 6.0

Find out what powerful new features COGZ Version 6.0 has to offer.

Embrace Data Driven Decision Making

Take your Maintenance department to the next level with data driven decisions. Use the maintenance data you already have to improve efficiency and productivity,

Is Inventory Costing you Money?

COGZ Inventory Management System ensures you have the parts you need when you need them. Save money by right sizing your Spare Parts Inventory.

5 Ways COGZ CMMS Saves Time

Learn five ways COGZ increases your maintenance department’s productivity by saving time.

Manage your Maintenance Backlog with COGZ

Excessive Maintenance Backlog causes stress and keeps you from performing the tasks you need to keep your Equiment running smoothly. Find out how COGZ can help.

How to Set up Work Order Teams

Learn how to assign multiple employees to a single work order.

Why is web based CMMS best?

Are you trying to decide if web based CMMS or on premises is right for you? Make an educated decision with this helpful guide.

Optimal Staffing Levels Drive Bottom Line Results

Too many staff results in high operating expenses. Too few staff causes downtime. COGZ helps you strike the perfect balance by providing data-driven insights to justify staffing needs.

Is Your Facility Audit Ready?

Audits and regulatory compliance are necessary to ensure quality at many organizations. Make sure you have the tools you need before your audit so you can demonstrate compliance on the spot.

3 Steps to Generate PMs

A simple guide to generating Preventive Maintenance Work Orders.