Industries Using COGZ CMMS


COGZ is versatile CMMS used across a variety of industries




Manufacturing operations require robust CMMS that can handle a wide variety of equipment. Minimizing downtime and making sure production remains on schedule is one of the key maintenance priorities. COGZ CMMS Software provides the tools you need to keep things running  smoothly.

Food and Beverage Processing

A comprehensive CMMS is crucial for the food processing industry due to strict regulatory standards. Inspections and audits require specific documentation of procedures and tasks completed. In addition to normal equipment maintenance, the sanitation details require separate tasks and documentation. COGZ CMMS was built for the food processing industry and makes compliance an integral part of the maintenance process. Provide management and auditors with the documentation required to prove regulatory compliance.


COGZ serves a variety of clean energy producers such as solar and wind operations, as well as many oil and gas producers. Maximize equipment life spans with timely preventive maintenance. Automatic Preventive Maintenance scheduling, work order and cost tracking and spare parts inventory management will help you avoid costly breakdowns. Energy companies of all sizes use COGZ to keep their equipment up and running.

Aerospace and Technology

COGZ CMMS offers unparalleled data security for your aerospace or high tech facility. Choose between cloud hosted or on-premises deployment. Develop precise maintenance schedules. Know what spare parts you have on hand and where they are located. Keep your equipment up and running reliably by reducing breakdowns and downtime.

Government/ Public Works

Keep essential services up and running reliably with automated preventive maintenance scheduling. Streamline workflows by scheduling and prioritizing corrective work orders. COGZ provides central storage for critical documentation and all work order history on your equipment. Maximize asset lifespans and minimize breakdowns.

Distribution/ Warehouse

Improve overall efficiency of your Distribution/ Warehouse facility with automated maintenance scheduling. Streamlined communication results in faster turnaround times and higher volumes. Maximize fulfillment and minimize costs by improving efficiency.


Public schools, private schools, colleges and universities use COGZ to manage their maintenance departments. COGZ provides a designated path for work order requests, improving response times. Take your CMMS with you anywhere on campus with COGZWeb mobile access. From classrooms to athletic facilities to residential buildings, COGZ manages all of your maintenance tasks, tracks costs and stores historical data.

Construction/ Mining

Whether you have a small or large construction company or mine, COGZ CMMS Software helps you keep up with your equipment maintenance requirements. Stay informed on work order status, resolve any problems before they become major issues. Adjust the scheduling to best fit your mechanic’s capabilities.