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The COGZ User Manuals All of the information to help you fully utilize COGZ can be found right in your program with the online or PDF versions of the COGZ User Manual via the COGZ Help Menu.

On Line User Manual You can also click the following link for the Online User Manual, which contains the most up-to-date Information.

Online COGZ Manual


On Line Knowledge Base The COGZ Tips and Trouble Shooting Knowledge Base is available from the COGZ Help Menu on registered systems.

Questions If your questions are not answered in the COGZ CMMS Software Web site please contact us:
Email: Phone (203) 263-7882 Fax (203) 263-7885

COGZ CMMS Versions Make sure you are running the latest version of COGZ to benefit from the features noted via the link below.

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Advanced Services


We also offer training, implementation, data conversion, customization, and integration with other software. Please contact us for additional information.