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COGZ Preventive Maintenance Software has all the maintenance tools you need on one easy to use platform. Keep your assets operating continuously, reliably and without surprises. Automated Preventive Maintenance maximizes efficiency and minimizes downtime.

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COGZ Preventive Maintenance Software Capabilities

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Automate Preventive Maintenance


Work Order Management


Equipment Management


Inventory Management

Purchase Orders

Vendor Management

Downtime Tracking

Comprehensive Reporting

What is Preventive Maintenance Software?

Preventive Maintenance Software is also known as CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). It automatically schedules preventive maintenance tasks. Automating your preventive maintenance ensures that work is scheduled consistently with minimal effort.  Completing maintenance on time saves time and money by reducing breakdowns.

A Preventive Maintenance System is a complete maintenance solution that tracks your equipment and reoccurring tasks. The information the system gathers can also be used to perform predictive maintenance on your assets. These maintenance tools manage your entire maintenance staff. They avoid reactive maintenance and the high costs that result. CMMS contains additional features beyond preventive maintenance including Work Order Management, Inventory, Management, Downtime Tracking, Vendor Management, and Purchasing.

How is Preventive Maintenance Scheduled?

  • Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Meter reading (miles, hours).

Preventive Maintenance Work Orders are automatically generated based on the date the task was last completed. They show up on the Work Order list and can be printed or emailed. CMMS Software has tools like the PM Wizard that make setting up your preventive maintenance tasks easy and fast.

Some Preventive Maintenance Systems allows work order requests which schedule reactive maintenance work orders.


What are the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Software?

  • Increase productivity by increasing equipment uptime.
  • Increase equipment life span with on time preventive maintenance.
  • Decrease maintenance costs by minimizing downtime due to breakdowns.
  • Maximize existing resources with proper maintenance planning.
  • Reduce stress on your maintenance team by working smarter.
  • Identify which assets are costing the most money and why.
  • Have the parts you need when you need them while controling Inventory costs.
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Preventive Maintenance Software Features

Equipment/Asset Management

A CMMS System starts with Equipment Management. Maintain a complete listing of your assets as well as their preventive maintenance requirements, diagrams and maintenance history. Our Preventive Maintenance Software features an Equipment Master Console which tracks all of this information. This powerful display shows all of the information on a piece of equipment on one screen including work order & inventory history and drawings/ documents

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automation screen from preventive maintenance software system

Automated Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Software is the cornerstone of your CMMS Software. Schedule your preventive maintenance tasks and makes sure that you complete them on time. Performing timely preventive maintenance prevents breakdowns and expensive downtime. It keeps your equipment and facilities running smoothly, improves safety and productivity. Fight inflation by reducing unnecessary costs.

Work Order Reminder

Make work order management simple. The Work Order List displays all of the open work orders on a single screen. Enter labor and parts costs when work orders are completed. Track work order costs and see what equipment is costing you the most money.  Work Order Reminder makes sure you never forget a work order. It notifies you when your work orders become overdue.

work order reminder screen from preventive maintenance software system
Issue Inventory screen from preventive maintenance software system

Assign Parts

Global Supply chain issues have made proper inventory management more important than ever. Track what spare parts you have on hand and knows when you need to reorder so you don’t run out. All inventory information is logged including cross references and alternative vendors, making it easy to find a substitute when needed. Backorders and expensive overnight freight will become a thing of the past. Lower inventory holding costs by having the right quantity of inventory on hand.


Different tasks, different schedules. Preventive Maintenance Software allows a wide range of Work Order scheduling options. These options include Number of Days since last performance, and/or meter, miles or run hours. Get the flexibility to make your Preventive Maintenance System work.


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Documents screen from preventive maintenance software

Attach Drawings/Documents

Attach a drawing or other document to the PM Task and print it with the Work Order. Make sure your staff has all the resources they need to complete the work properly and efficiently.


Last Comment

Carry it forward. Need a reminder to bring a filter next time you change the oil? Make a note when you close the current work order and our Preventive Maintenance System will automatically add it to your next scheduled maintenance for this task.

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COGZWeb is Maintenance Management Software in the cloud. All you need is a web browser an an internet connection. Take our preventive maintenance software into the shop or the field. Go paperless by accessing and completing your work orders on tablets or laptops. Save time by having all of the maintenance data you need at your fingertips. Improve the quality of data entered with the ability to enter data as technicians do the job.


COGZ offers a variety of reports and exports that display the maintenance data collected. Use reports and exports to analyze data and make informed management decisions. Maintenance Management becomes easier when you have the data you need. Stay in compliance with COGZ Reports.

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Why is Preventive Maintenance Software Important?

Preventive Maintenance Software is important because it schedules and tracks your preventive maintenance tasks. Organizing and prioritizing your tasks will make sure that you complete tasks on time and never forget one. Timely preventive maintenance stops breakdowns before they happen. Breakdowns cannot be eliminated, but decreasing the number of breakdowns substantially reduces maintenance costs and increases profitability.

CMMS Software also tracks spare parts inventory for your equipment. Tracking and organizing your inventory allows you to keep the parts that you need on hand when you need them. Having parts in stock reduces equipment downtime allowing for additional cost savings. A preventive maintenance system will also track labor and materials costs for your equipment. Having  all of your maintenance information at your fingertips allows you to make the right decisions. Proper maintenance planning and maintenance management with complete data will help you to take your maintenance department to the next level.

Preventive Maintenance System for Compliance

Preventive Maintenance Software helps you meet compliance standards. Work Order History tracks all maintenance activities completed. Reports provide concrete proof that necessary work was completed on time. Preventive Maintenance Compliance as well as total Work Order Compliance is available at your fingertips. Use compliance information during audits or to improve accountability and processes for your entire maintenance department. Preventive Maintenance Software helps you use compliance information to fine tune your maintenance operation.


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What is the Best Preventive Maintenance Software?

COGZ Preventive Maintenance Software is an essential tool for your maintenance department. With over 25 years of maintenance experience COGZ offers the fastest implementation in the industry and renowned ease of use. Flexibility is a key feature of our software. It can be used in virtually any computerized maintenance environment that requires preventive maintenance. Whether you require maintenance software for food processing, facilities, transportation, educational facility, hotel, manufacturing, Our CMMS is powerful enough to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

The biggest challenge in managing a maintenance department is lack of staff and limited resources. (Plant Engineering, 2020)  Let us help you work smarter and make the most of the resources you already have.

User Friendly

Our users are thrilled to experience COGZ intuitive interface and user-friendly design. Preventive Maintenance Software produces your PM Work Orders on time, every time! Easy and powerful, our CMMS minimizes operator input during startup and normal operations to automate your facility preventive maintenance management.

See the Results

Setup your Preventive Maintenance system and start seeing tangible results in weeks, not months or even years. Optimize your maintenance department. Track KPIs with built in reports. Why not  get started now?

Preventive Maintenance Software Trends


As production demands increase and technology advances, new preventive maintenance trends emerge. Maintenance practices become more streamlined over time. These trends will help increase efficiency and profitability across a broad spectrum of industries. Industrial and Manufacturing industries lead the charge in adopting these trends due to the amount and variety of equipment necessary for this type of production.


  • Move to Predictive Maintenance – Reducing maintenance intervals based on data cuts labor expenses and resources required while maintaining low levels of downtime
  • Artificial Intelligence (A/I) and machine learning
  • Virtual Technology in the form of advanced condition monitoring sensors provide information to technicians without having to visit the machine. Even offsite personnel can detect problems with this technology.
  • Focus on data driven decision making. Knowing KPI’s such as maintenance backlog allow you to make changes to improve your maintenance department’s productivity.
  • Implementation of Inventory Management for MRO parts. Improve ROI by improving accuracy in forecasting, ordering and locating spare parts.
  • Increased profitability via improved equipment uptime
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Cost Tracking

Find out how much your Equipment is costing you.  Track Labor and Materials costs. Plan your budget and Know when it is time to replace equipment due to excessive costs.
cost tracking from preventive maintenance software

Downtime Tracking

Do you know what is causing your downtime? Preventive Maintenance Software can track downtime and its causes. Use the information to eliminate equipment failures. Increase productivity and reduce costs.
data security screen from preventive maintenance software

Data Security

You can be confident that your maintenance data is safe on our secure servers. Backups are performed frequently kept with offsite redundancy. Cloud servers ensure that your data remains safe no matter what happens at your facility.

Preventive Maintenance Software Mobility


Maintenance happens in the shop or in the field, not at a desk. Cloud Hosting allows you to take your Preventive Maintenance Software anywhere with an internet connection. Put the power of CMMS into your technicians hands with tablets or Chromebooks. Have the data you need to get the job done right at your fingertips

  • Increase wrench time by decreasing travel and research time
  • Receive alerts when work is assigned and completed
  • Go paperless
  • View and close work orders in real time
  • Maximize data security
  • Really fast speeds

Preventive Maintenance Software Reviews

Customer Testimonials – Customer Success Stories.

COGZ Preventive Maintenance Software is a good product. We have implemented it Corporate wide. The support is the best I have ever seen.
George Blais

National Maintenance Manager, Tech Data

I would rate COGZ as a very effective program, which requires a low initial capital expense. It is easy to learn and use and the information is easily accessible and comprehensive. In my experience, their customer support is excellent.
Raymond Mercieca

Maintenance Manager, Nutramax

I like the COGZ program. I have purchased a few other programs and find COGZ very easy to use.
Kevin Kavanaugh

Hunter Technology Corporation

CMMS Never Forgets

Key to efficient Preventive Maintenance Software is one that never forgets when an asset is due for recurring maintenance. An essential part of our software is keeping track of what needs to be done, when, and by whom.

CMMS Asset History

Need to see if a Work Order has been completed, a Purchase Order Issued, or a Work Request Submitted? Want to know what parts need to be replaced too often? This, and much more is available on a single page.

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