Equipment & Asset Management

Equipment and Assist Management is the bottom line of any Maintenance Management System. Having all the information about an Equipment Item or Asset is key to proper maintenance of that item. COGZ Asset Management Software puts all information about an item on a single page, so you have what you need, when you need it!


Equipment and Assist Management is what maintenance is all about. COGZ Equipment Maintenance Management software makes it easy to manage your department. You need complete and accurate information to make the right decisions about your Assets.

General Information

While not exciting, knowing the simple things about your assets, such as Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Warranty dates, and so forth can save time and money, not to mention making your life much easier. COGZ keep all this information in one, easy to find location.

Cost Summary

Having current and total costs for each asset is required information if you wish to make intelligent, data-based decisions. COGZ Equipment Management software keeps track of all expenses including parts and labor.

Documents and Drawings

Need to review equipment manuals, drawings, parts listings? Link all these, and more, directly to the asset on the Equipment list within COGZ. Whether it’s you, your tech, or your parts manager, no more hunting to find the critical information they require.

Preventive Maintenance

COGZ Maintenance Software automatically tracks and updates your equipment’s’ Preventive Maintenance status. Know what was done and when it was done. Know when it is due to be done again. With a single entry, all relevant information is logged and updated.

Current Status

Need to know what work has been done and what is outstanding? COGZ will show you currently open Work Orders, including PM’s as well as past work order history on a single list.


Key to proper Equipment repair and prompt, on-time work order completion is having the right parts on hand, right now. COGZ maintains a list of parts for each asset as well as current inventory and location to enable rapid access to the parts area.

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Use COGZ for your Equipment & Asset Management software now and see how simple it is to capture the important information your maintenance department needs all day, every day. You can be running in just a few minutes using real assets with real issues.

Know your actual costs

Your Maintenance Software automatically captures your equipment maintenance costs. This is essential for informed management decisions. Know your period, yearly and total costs to determine trends.

Is it time to replace?

Using the above information, you can delve further into the cost breakdown by reviewing the asset repair history by work order and date. This will clearly show the issues and lead to qualified actions.

Asset Management Software for all Maintenance Applications.

COGZ Equipment Management software is an essential tool for your maintenance department. COGZ CMMS can be used in virtually any computerized maintenance environment that requires Asset Management. COGZ will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

Equipment Management Software that is easy to use

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, COGZ Software tracks and records all your maintenance efforts each and every time! Easy and powerful, COGZ minimizes operator input to make Equipment and Asset Management Simple.

See the Results

Setup your COGZ Equipment Management system and start seeing tangible results in weeks. Why not let COGZ get you started now?


Customer Testimonials – What COGZ Users are Saying.

I have been using COGZ for about 7 years. It is a great tool for tracking the preventive maintenance for three of my facilities. I do not know how I was able to keep up before I purchased this system.

Rick Murphy

Director of SSD – ZP, Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta

We have been using COGZ CMMS Software for over five years. It is a very simple and straight forward preventive maintenance program. Our safety officers love it because it tracks all of our preventive maintenance as well as repairs. I have recommended COGZ to other parks throughout the state and will continue to do so.

Bill Roberts

District Manager, Chicot State Park

We have been using COGZ Maintenance Software for 5 years now. We use it to ensure crucial maintenance checks are performed and documented. Our modern times have created a true need to document many maintenance items for insurance and other requirements. Once you have your PM’s set up in COGZ you are good to go. The system remembers when all these items need to be done and kicks them out for you.

Angela Southard

Manager, Elmers Products