Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance Scheduling is a primary function of your CMMS Software. Your Preventive Maintenance work is automatically scheduled at the proper time.  Schedule Preventive Maintenance task frequency by date or by meter. Non-PM Work Orders may be scheduled as needed. COGZ CMMS excels at these tasks while minimizing your time at the computer!

work order list with maintenance scheduling tasks

Maintenance Scheduling Features

General Information

COGZ CMMS scheduling software tracks all your work orders so you can see how well you are adhering to your department’s goals. The COGZ Work Order List shows all open work orders and scheduled dates. Managing your work has never been easier!

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is the keystone of your maintenance efforts. Done properly, it eliminates the constant firefighting efforts that drain your resources and your energy. Done consistently, it eliminates the stress environment many maintenance departments find themselves in on a regular basis.

Maintenance Scheduling on a tablet

Scheduled Work

Finding information about what’s been scheduled, what work is pending and what has been completed should be simple. With our Maintenance Scheduling Software, everything you want to know can be found all in one place.

Unplanned Work

Even with the best Preventive Maintenance plan, unexpected issues will pop up from time to time. COGZ Work Order Scheduling tracks all types of work orders so you can keep on top of the workload and the progress your team is making toward resolution.

Scheduling Projects

Projects can be difficult to track, especially if long term. COGZ makes recording progress easy. Enter a Project Work Order in the Maintenance Scheduling system and you have an ideal place to record daily parts and labor on a special form. Know how things are progressing well before the completion report.

Work Requests

One of the most important things good maintenance scheduling software can do for your maintenance department is to make it easy to document and track work order requests.  Notifying all affected parties of the request and progress made is the next most important. COGZ work order scheduling system includes these important options.

maintenance scheduling on a laptop

Maintenance Scheduling Software for all Maintenance Applications.

COGZ Maintenance Scheduling Software is an essential tool for your maintenance department. COGZ CMMS can be used in virtually any computerized maintenance environment that requires Work Order Scheduling. COGZ will meet your needs and exceed your expectation.

Maintenance Scheduling Software that is easy to use

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, COGZ Software tracks and records all your maintenance efforts each and every time! Easy and powerful, COGZ minimizes operator input to make Work Order Management Simple.

Maintenance scheduling software on desktop computer

See the Results

Setup your COGZ Maintenance Scheduling system and start seeing tangible results in weeks. Why not let COGZ get you started now?


Customer Testimonials – What COGZ Users are Saying.

I would like to tell you that the customer support of this company is very prompt and courteous, as well as effective. We use this system to manage the maintenance in our manufacturing plant, we make parts for electrical motors so we have a lot of machines.

Gerardo Solano


Technical support has been good and I believe it is one of the easiest programs to implement. The best part is, as you build the system and develop more needs you can add the modules you want. I have used two other systems in the past and this one is by far the easiest.

Alan F. Kildahl

East Balt of Denver

I would recommend the software to anyone.

Ken Bugarewicz

Facilities Manager, Teledyne Storm Products Inc