5 Ways Maintenance Planning with COGZ CMMS Saves Time

Last Updated: August 31, 2022

In today’s workplace time seems to be the most valuable currency. Companies are struggling to hire and retain employees. New employees are inefficient as they are still learning. Maintenance teams are overworked and understaffed. The only way to keep your head above water is to maximize your team’s efficiency with maintenance planning. If you are already using a CMMS, it is in your best interest to use it to its fullest potential so that you can save time and money in your maintenance department.  If you aren’t already using a CMMS for maintenance planning, now is the time to get on board and get organized. Minimize the stress on your maintenance staff so that they won’t want look for another job opportunity. Here are five ways that COGZ CMMS can help you save your valuable time.



Image of CMMS Software saving time with maintenance planning
  1. Go mobile with COGZWeb Cloud Hosting

Web based CMMS Software has become the software of choice for most maintenance departments. COGZWeb cloud CMMS allows you to use the system on a laptop or tablet. The benefit of using a mobile device is that you can take your CMMS with you anywhere with an internet connection. Bring all of your maintenance data directly to the machine you are working on. Find out what parts you will need, view documents or drawings, and see warranty information with the click of a button. Having all of the information at your fingertips helps your maintenance team to complete their tasks in as short a time as possible, so they can move on to the next one. Work orders can be completed as the job is actually finished and additional notes can be added into the system while the information is top of mind. The better the data entered in COGZ the more useful it will be in the future, allowing for additional time and cost savings.


  1. Reduce Inventory Out of Stocks with Proper Inventory Management

Waiting for backordered parts has become an everyday occurrence. COGZ Inventory Management functions will help you keep track of your inventory to minimize out of stocks. Reduce your inventory investment, while still keeping commonly used parts on hand. COGZ knows what parts go on what machines, cross references, and where you’ve purchased parts in the past. Vendor management functions will help you locate difficult to find parts. Inventory Activity Report shows what inventory is used and what isn’t along with what inventory is taking up your time and money. Having all of the information you need about your spare parts inventory is key to proper maintenance planning to improve your productivity.


  1. Reduce breakdowns by being precise with preventive maintenance

Too little preventive maintenance runs the risk of breakdowns and downtime which cost large amounts of time and money. Too much preventive maintenance is a waste of time and resources. COGZ meticulously tracks your preventive maintenance making it easy to keep your tasks right on time and allows you to make adjustments if needed. COGZ allows you to right size your PM Schedule with proper maintenance planning. The work order reminder shows you all of your open work orders grouped by scheduled date. A quick review of the Work Order Reminder will show you how your department performed this week. Focusing on preventive maintenance rather than corrective will allow your technicians to have all of the information and parts that they need in place before they start the work, saving a large amount of time and effort.


  1. Implement a Work Order Request System`

The COGZ Work Order Request module is our most popular module for good reason. It allows employees outside of the maintenance department to request work orders. Delegating Work Order Requests to personnel outside of the maintenance department frees up time for management to do other tasks. It also minimizes wasted time from people running you down in the hallways asking for work to be done. Allowing personnel who work with the equipment to request work orders removes the need for management to enter those work orders themselves. Since the person who is most familiar with the equipment is entering the work order request directly, the information should be more accurate and detailed making it easier for the technician to complete the necessary work. Having all of the information you need about a work order allows for optimal maintenance planning. Users will have the tools to completely automate requests and view request status, eliminating disrupting phone calls and excessive email correspondence.


  1. Streamline purchasing

Automatically create purchase orders when inventory gets below a specified minimum level with the push of a button. Have complete visibility into your parts supply chain. See which items are already on order or committed to work orders. Export Purchase Orders information to your spreadsheet for financial analysis. Using your purchasing history for maintenance planning is an excellent way to increase your productivity with COGZ.


These are just five out of the hundreds of ways that maintenance planning with COGZ CMMS can help your maintenance department become more efficient by saving time. Creating small efficiencies across a number of functional areas will add up, resulting in a large amount of time and cost savings. COGZ CMMS is a powerful tool that automates many maintenance processes. Using it to its fullest potential, will minimize stress on management and technicians making your maintenance department a better place to work and increasing your company’s bottom line.


COGZ CMMS offers online training sessions. If you would like to take your COGZ user experience to the next level, contact us for a quote at cs@cogz.com