Work Order Request Module




Too much time spent managing your work requests?  Document and simplify the request process with the COGZ CMMS Software Work Order Request Module*.  Users can quickly enter requests from their nearest computer while you monitor work order requests across the organization from your COGZ CMMS Software workstation.  Users now have the tools to completely automate requests and view request status, eliminating disrupting phone calls and excessive email correspondence.  In addition, you can process each request as it comes into COGZ CMMS Software, quickly creating the necessary Work Order, or deny the request, as appropriate.

The COGZ CMMS Software Work Order Request Module includes the following features:

  • Work Order Request user module for implementing the Request Module on various facility computers enabling users to eliminate paper notes and verbal requests.
  • Work Order Request additions to your COGZ system including ability to enter, edit, list and print work order requests.
  • Instant notification to the maintenance department of new work requests.
  • Effortless transformation of requests into Work Orders.
  • Request Status automatically updated, can easily be viewed by the person who requested the work order.

The following features require the Email Module:

  • Enable Requestors to Email Work Order Requests to COGZ.
  • Email or Text department manager or scheduler when new requests are received.
  • Sends email or Text to requester when a work order is created, completed, or when the status changes.
  • Allows you to add customized notes to enhance the standard email notification messages.

The Work Order Request Module for on premises systems includes 2 Concurrent Requester Licenses and requires the Network Module.

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