COGZ and COGZ EZ Network Module*

 *For On Premises Systems



The Network Module is available for on premises systems by making it accessible to users on your local network. COGZ CMMS Software network installation takes minimal disk space.  It will operate on any network server that can provide files to user’s Windows computers.

You can load COGZ onto your server (or any computer that will be used as a server) and create as many shortcuts on your desktops as you wish with one user logged in at a time. Optionally, additional user licenses are available.

(Current customers contact us for quote based on system configuration.)

COGZ Network Module

There are two ways to add additional users.  You will first need to decide whether you would like users to have access to the COGZ program, or simply be able to create work order requests.  Below you will find these two available options.  Click on the option you feel best suites your needs.


Work Order Request Module Users can send work order requests to COGZ.
Additional User Licenses Enables concurrent user logins to COGZ (up to number of licenses purchased)