Work Orders for Teams

Typically, work orders are separated by the Assigned to person. Occasionally there is a need to assign multiple techs to a single work order. These are called Team Work Orders. Team Work Orders require COGZ EZ and the Work Order Enhancement Module, COGZ or COGZ Enterprise Version.












 The Assigned To on the Work Order Entry Form determines if the Work Order will allow multiple techs. To set an Employee to designate the work order as a Team Work Order, you need to check the Set WO for Teams box on the Employee/Assigned to form as shown above.


When a Teams employee is entered as the Assigned To (1) on the Work Order Entry Form, additional fields are available on the Work Order Task form as follows:

(2) Estimated Time – this is total Estimated time for the task.

(3) Task Assigned to Employee – enter the employee assigned to this task.

(4) People – Number of people required for this task

(5) Time/Person – Displays the estimated time divided by the number of people