Is Your Facility Audit Ready?

How to Prepare for Audits?


Audits for regulatory and customer compliance are a frequent challenge in the workplace. COGZ CMMS will help you prepare your maintenance department for an audit. Be confident that you can pass with flying colors. It pays to be sure that you have all the options you need before the start of your audit. COGZ tools and reports will help you demonstrate compliance on the spot.


Maintenance Audit flowchart

Work Orders

Work Orders are the documentation that prove what work has been scheduled and completed.  All other maintenance records such as Inventory and Purchase Orders support the work order itself.  Work Order History contains a record of what work was done and when. It also shows who completed the task, how long it took, and what parts were used. COGZ stores all these maintenance documents in a secure and centralized location so that any user will be able to easily find the information required.



COGZ offers many reports which will help you demonstrate compliance during an audit. The following COGZ reports are available in the Work Order Enhancement Module and will provide evidence of work performed by your maintenance team.

  • Work Order Summary Report

This report prints a summary of all work that was scheduled and completed during a specified date range. It contains the Equipment Number and either the Completed Hours for all types of scheduled and unscheduled work orders including Total by Type or the Task Count for the completed work orders. It also includes a percentage distribution and a summary of the Total Scheduled, Completed, and Not Completed work orders by type.

  •  Work Order Past Due Report

This report shows a summary of work orders that were completed late during a specified time period. It also prints a percentage distribution of past due work orders by type. Report on all work order types, or limit the report to a specific work order type.


Other Reports

  •  Work Order History Report

The Work Order History Report displays completed work orders contained in the Work Order History List. You may select the date range, equipment number, and work order types to be printed. This data can also be exported to Excel by exporting the Work Order List itself.

  •  Work Order Reminder

The Work Order Reminder shows a summary of open work orders and categorizes them by due date. Past due work orders are highlighted in red and are listed based on how far past due they are. Any past due invoice can be viewed or printed from this screen.


Standardization of Processes

Standardization and documentation of processes and procedures ensures that tasks are completed the same way every time. It also creates a framework for timing and guarantees tasks are completed on time. An established and tested procedure is provided each time a task is due. Guesswork is taken out of the equation. Employees can have confidence that they are performing tasks correctly. Errors are reduced, high quality is assured and risk is minimized.

Standardized procedures are at the heart of COGZ preventive maintenance system. Detailed descriptions of preventive maintenance tasks are included on each work order. Drawings or documents may also be attached to work orders for even more opportunity for documentation.


Audit Trail

The SecureTrac Module contains a System Security Procedure Audit area, which provides the administrator with an audit trail and history of procedures performed by each COGZ user. Keep track of all changes made within the COGZ system including who made the changes and when they were made.


Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures are another feature included in the SecureTrac Module. This feature allows users to securely sign each work order task. Limit who can sign off sensitive tasks with Secure Sign Off. Securely approve purchase orders and electronically capture receiver signatures.



COGZ has the ability to integrate with other software systems, such as ERP, Procurement, or Accounting software. This integration ensures that relevant information flows seamlessly between departments. Time is saved by reducing manual data entry, and the risk of error and miscommunication. COGZ integrations are customized to meet your specifications. Please call us to discuss your requirements.


The Bottom Line: COGZ Makes Audits Easy

Audits help you maintain safety and high quality standards at your facility. Proper use of your COGZ system ensures that you will have all the required procedures, documentation and reports in place to easily pass your audits year after year.