COGZ CMMS Training & Consulting Options




Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to implement COGZ CMMS Software to help manage your maintenance department.  Having made that choice, the next decision is how to implement your new software.  Most customers do not require formal CMMS training.  For customers that feel they require implementation, consulting and/or training assistance, COGZ offers options ranging from live on line training, to training at your site, to our full featured on site accelerated Implementation and training program.

laptop used for CMMS training

Do it Yourself – COGZ is designed to be easy to use, and most COGZ users implement their new software without additional cost or assistance. For those occasional questions, COGZ provides unlimited Email and telephone technical support with your support plan subscription. COGZ Implementation Process.

On Line CMMS Training & Consulting

90 Minute Internet Enabled Sessions

  • Need a little help getting started?  With COGZ On Line CMMS Training you can get valuable training from our experienced Consultants to jump start your implementation. This is also a great option for bringing new employees or less experienced users up to speed on your existing COGZ system.
  • COGZ On Line Training will give you live, personal, remote training, on line or by phone.  As an alternative to on-site training, you can indicate your specific needs for COGZ CMMS Software or simply obtain an overview on using COGZ to reduce your workload.  Training can be tailored to novice or expert users of COGZ, just let us know!
  • Our Consulting Staff will enable you to quickly get started with your COGZ program. You can schedule 90 minute block intervals with a personal consultant at your convenience.

On Site Training & Consulting

Personal CMMS Training at your Facility

  • Not enough time to get employees up and running with your new COGZ CMMS Software?  Expanding your use of COGZ CMMS Software at your facility?  Let one of our trainers work with you!
  • Personal CMMS training can be done at your facility.  Setup a schedule over two days with personal training depending on your specific maintenance needs.  Training can be presented in different fashions to take into account a variety of learning styles.  A large group can be trained at once or smaller groups at a time.  You decide what will work best for you!
  • Hands-on training can also enable you to setup your COGZ system to meet your exact needs. Need information on setting up the numbering systems for your equipment and inventory?  You can even learn how to develop your COGZ database.  Our professional consultants have extensive experience in the workings of different types of maintenance facilities.
  • Two On-Line follow-up sessions are also included to help you stay on track for success.

Accelerated Implementation, Consulting & CMMS Training

COGZ Accelerated Return On Investment Implementation & Training Program

  • The fastest way to get started!
  • Highly experienced Consultants, Implementers and Trainers visit your facility and make sure you quickly realize the Return on Investment (ROI) you are due.
  • Following a carefully laid out plan customized for your facility, our staff leads you through the implementation process.
  • Crafted to satisfy your goals and timelines, you are assured of a implementation experience that will produce immediate and long term results.
  • Best Value and most comprehensive CMMS Training.