COGZ CMMS Software On Site Consulting & Training




Not enough time to get new employees up and running with COGZ CMMS Software?  Expanding your use of COGZ CMMS Software at your facility?  Let one of our consultants work with you! On-site consulting & training is the comprehensive solution for your maintenance training needs.

Personal training can be done at your facility.  Scheduled over several days with personal training for your specific maintenance needs.  Training can be presented in different fashions to take into account a variety of learning styles.  A large group can be trained at once or smaller groups at a time.  You decide what will work best for you!

Hands-on training can also enable you to setup your COGZ system to meet your exact needs.  You can even learn how to develop your COGZ database.  We like to customize each training session for the customer’s needs. Our professional trainers have experience in the workings of different maintenance facilities.

Training starts with a COGZ overview, but we spend the majority of the time concentrating on the specific functions that are needed to operate after we leave. One of the side benefits of training is that the trainer has practical maintenance experience and provides insight into COGZ and how others are using and benefiting from its use.

  • Training/database development per day: $1,755.00
  • Flat Rate Transportation (Airfare, Car etc.): $1,095.00*
  • Travel day not encompassing training/database development: $1,755.00**
  • On-line remote follow-up session (90 Minute Block): $435.00

Our most popular (and recommended) on site training schedule consists of two days on site training and two remote follow-up training sessions.

*Applies to those within the Continental US. If you are outside the Continental US, please contact us for pricing.

**This includes airport parking fees, meals, rental car, hotel, etc. as applicable. Call for weekend, holiday, trip cancellation or travel delay prices.

Training needs to be setup at least two weeks in advance of your requested dates to allow our trainers to work new dates into their schedules.