COGZ On Line Consulting and Training




If you wish to quickly get new employees or less experienced users familiar with COGZ CMMS Software, are a new COGZ user yourself, or simply need additional help, COGZ On Line Consulting & Training is the answer!  With a COGZ On Line Consultant, you get personal consulting & training!

Each session can be customized to your specific needs for COGZ CMMS Software, or you may simply obtain an overview on using COGZ to reduce your workload. The general overview provides introductions to the following COGZ modules – Equipment, Preventive Maintenance, Work Orders, Inventory Control and Purchase Orders.  We will also touch on Reports and other general COGZ features.  If there are specific areas you would like to cover in lieu of the general overview or if you have enhancement or additional modules installed that you want to cover, just let us know!

Our experienced Consultants will facilitate your getting started with COGZ without delay. This On Line Training is available in block intervals.  Schedule a session with a Consultant to meet your needs at your convenience. Please contact us for more information.

Each session is approximately 90 minutes