COGZ Accelerated ROI Implementation, Consulting & Training Program




Program Overview
COGZ Accelerated Return on Investment Implementation, Consulting & Training – The fastest way to get started!  Highly experienced Consultants visit your facility and make sure you quickly realize the Return on Investment (ROI) you are due.

Phase 1: Planning

  • Team Selection – In a larger organization you will want representatives from the affected areas (production, purchasing, inventory control, accounting…).  Even if you’re a single person maintenance department, it can be quite helpful to have an additional set of eyes on your process.  Either way, it is usually a plus for you and your department when others get a better understanding of the maintenance process.
  • Software Overview – Time to install the purchased software and familiarize the team with the basic features and functions of your particular COGZ software configuration.
  • Preliminary Training – Team members learn how the use the primary modules.
  • Set Implementation Goals – Determine what modules are to be implemented initially.
  • Stages and Timeline – Set short and long term goals
  • Communications – Set up communications to let the rest of the company in on your plans.  Your new maintenance management tool can help others in many ways from avoiding breakdowns to (optionally) electronically submitting work requests.

Phase 2: Data

  • Data Gathering – Is your data already available in a spreadsheet or other electronic program?  Do you need to start from scratch?  What are the major points when collecting data.
  • Cleansing – Now is the time to carefully clean and correct your data. Starting with an accurate data base is integral to a successful implementation.
  • Input – Can you simply import your major data base information or do you need to add by hand?  When the information is entered manually by the people who will be operating and maintaining your COGZ CMMS Software they become more informed and experienced users!

Phase 3: User Training

  • User Training – Hands on Individualized training assures staff has the knowledge it needs to comfortably implement your system.
  • Conference Room Testing – As the final step before actual implementation, the Conference Room Test simulates the actual day to day program operation and flow.

Phase 4: Go Live

  • Begin using your COGZ CMMS software with confidence!  Now you can start saving time and money.  Manage your department instead of managing fire drills.
  • Rest assured your are in good hands even after the trainers depart.  On Call and/or On Site Support are offered as needed.

Phase 5: Follow-up

  • Scheduled Follow-up for Implementation Review.  Time for the trainer to return and review your progress against your goals.  This is also the time to clarify any unanswered questions and set your new goals.
  • Remember – Continuous improvement is a never ending, always rewarding, effort.

Choices:  As with any project, there are many ways to proceed.  The above are examples of typical implementation plans.  These plans can be adapted to fit your particular requirements. For example, you can decide to implement one building, one department, or even one vehicle at a time.  The process steps are similar for all.