COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Software
Implementation Process

Whether a large multi-national corporation or a small, local organization, successful implementation is not difficult but it must be planned.*  Let’s examine the phases of a typical implementation plan.
Planning/Initial Goals When you purchased your COGZ Computerized Maintenance Management Software, you undoubtedly had an idea about what area or module you need to work on first.  This could be Regular (Scheduled) Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance Work Orders, or Purchasing or Inventory Control.  Or, perhaps there might be one department, building, vendor or part that needs immediate attention.  Knowing what you want to focus on first will enable you to confidently proceed to the next step.
Practice First, practice with the sample data included with the COGZ download, then practice with your own information.  Go through the chosen process from beginning to end.  For work orders this would include entering Equipment, Preventive Maintenance tasks (If for Preventive Maintenance Work Orders), printing and closing the Work Order.  For Purchasing, this would include entering the Vendors and Inventory items (if Stock Item), Receiving and Issuing.  Do a few to get comfortable with the process.  Make sure your associates can navigate the system as well.
Set Up Now that you have a good idea of what’s involved, you can set up the necessary items for your transactions.  These may include Employees/Assigned To’s, Equipment (and PM Tasks/PM Task Library), and/or Vendors, Inventory Items, and Locations.  Don’t forget to check out the System Defaults.
Go Live Once you have a minimum data base set up, it’s time to put COGZ to work.  Start now, there’s generally no need to wait.  The quicker you implement part of the system the more time you save.  The more time you save, the easier it is to add other items to the system.  If utilizing the Preventive Maintenance portion of COGZ CMMS, it’s time to select and Generate Preventive Maintenance tasks from the Work Menu.
Additional Tools Now that you are actually using the software, you will be able to take advantage of some of the included tools and features.  These would include viewing the way the completed items appear on the standard Lists, adjusting the lists to display things your way, as well as running available reports.
Expand Add additional items, areas, or modules.  Stick to your goals; the rewards will more than justify your efforts.

* Detailed local and online assistance is always as close as Help on the COGZ Main Menu Bar.