Barcode Module




Do you really know what you have in stock?  Manual inventory counting taking up your time?  Bar Coding is an essential tool in the challenging battle to maintaining an accurate inventory. With the COGZ CMMS Software Barcode Module you can quickly and efficiently manage your inventory; you have the tools to easily automate your physical inventory process as well as accurately control your inventory parts room.

The Barcode Module includes the following features:

  • Scan barcodes for your Inventory, Work Orders, and Purchase Orders
  • Automate your physical inventory process
  • Scan inventory parts when you Issue, Receive, and Restock
  • Update your stock quantities from your parts room scans by downloading your data directly into COGZ
  • Use the separate Work Station Barcode System application on a designated computer for your Issue, Receive, and Restock adjustments to your inventory parts room
  • Reduce part outages

System Requirements: COGZ Bundle or COGZ EZ plus the Inventory Enhancement Module.

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Barcode Scanners and Printers:

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