Bar Code Module – Scanners and Printers


If you are looking to purchase scanners for your physical inventory or parts room scanning for use with the COGZ CMMS Software Bar Code Module, COGZ Systems offers these options for your use:

Portable Laser Scanner: Physical Inventory; Issue, Receive, and Restock Inventory

This scanner is sent pre-programmed so it is all set to be used when you receive it.  Also included in the price of the scanner is the program for the scanner as well as all of the necessary equipment: cable, and battery.

Workstation Bar Code Scanner: Issue, Receive, and Restock Inventory

If additional scanner specs are needed, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for the information.

Label Printing/Printer

COGZ CMMS Software offers label printing options for your maintenance needs, whether you need labels for your equipment or for your inventory parts.  Laser label printing is simplified by the use of a label Print Queue which allows you to decide when to print labels.  There is no need to print an entire sheet of labels for only a few bar codes.  Also for ease of use, the Print Queue screen will track and display total labels in the queue. There is no additional hardware necessary to print labels. We simply recommend using a good laser printer for your needs.

If printing labels one at-a-time is a requirement for your operation, we would recommend the following printer:

Zebra ZD 42042 Bar Code Label Printer

This fast, heavy-duty, industrial printer offers users the means to print labels one-at-a-time as well as has serial/parallel/USB interfaces.  It offers 203 dpi, 4 inches per second print speed, and has a 4 inch print width.

Please Note: This label printer is recommended for one-up label printing.  We do not recommend Inkjet or direct thermal printers (no ink ribbon), which are commonly sold in office supply stores.  These will not be supported. The Inkjet printouts bleed so the labels are hard to read and will not scan correctly with the scanners.  The thermal printouts (no ink ribbon) are not permanent and will fade.

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