Bar Code Module Details

With the Bar Code Module you can quickly and efficiently manage your inventory; you have the tools to easily automate your physical inventory process as well as accurately control your inventory parts room.

The COGZ CMMS Software Bar Code Module includes the following additions:

  • Print Bar Codes on your Work Orders and Purchase Orders, and Bar Code Labels for your Equipment and Inventory Parts to allow scanning when issuing, receiving or counting parts
  • Choice of the Standard Inventory Transaction Entry form, Portable Scanner Entry, or a simplified Workstation Bar Code Entry form.  This separate Workstation Bar Code Entry System enables you to:
  • Designate a COGZ networked computer in your parts room to be used for the issuing, receiving, and restocking of your inventory parts without navigating through the standard COGZ menus.
  • Review/modify the scanned transactions before the inventory is updated.
  • Automated Physical Inventory Process using a portable laser scanner

COGZ Barcode Module requires the Inventory Enhancement Module.

Click here for recommended Bar Code Scanners and Printers

Work Order with Bar Codes for WORK ORDER NO. and ASSIGNED TO Name

Purchase Order with Bar Coded PO Number 

Sample Inventory Label Page

Label content can be varied by changing the label size to one of 3 preset configurations.  Labels can also be printed for your Equipment.

Simplified Workstation Bar Code System

A Separate Application for Parts Room Computer leads directly to Workstation Bar Code Menu.

 Bar Code Menu used with (Wedge) Scanner attached to workstation.  Issued, received or restocked inventory can be entered into the system with the wave of a wand.  Entry screens fields are customizable for your flexibility.


Bar Code Inventory Adjustment Review List allows verification or modification of data before entry into COGZ CMMS Software Inventory data base.

Automated Physical Inventory Process

Physical Inventory is quickly scanned into the portable laser scanner and then listed for review/correction as in the Inventory Bar Code Adjustment Review List above.

Click on this link for the CMMS Software Bar Code Module Overview