COGZ CMMS Software Quick Start Check


The COGZ Quick Start Check is designed for the majority of our customers who, like yourself, plan to implement COGZ CMMS Software on their own.

COGZ Implementation Resources

  • Follow a Plan – Check out the COGZ Implementation Process Page to assist your implementation planning.
  • Our online resources are easily accessed from the Help Menu.  These include online and PDF versions of the COGZ manual as well as a link to the COGZ Knowledge Base with useful Tips and Hints.
  • Contact COGZ by phone or Email to keep things moving.  This service is part of your Update & Support Plan.
  • Start NOW!  The sooner  you start, the quicker you’ll be saving time as well as money.
  • Schedule your COGZ Quick Start Check!

COGZ CMMS Quick Start Check
30 Minute Internet Enabled Session

  • The COGZ Quick Start Check is a short, 30 minute, Internet enabled conversation with a member of our knowledgeable consulting staff.
  • Our consultants will walk with you through your initial start-up, offering helpful ideas to speed your progress and cost savings.
  • Your COGZ Quick Start Check helps build confidence and speeds your implementation whether you are a CMMS novice or expert user!


  • FREE – Within 10 days of purchase*
  • $ 50.00 – Within 20 days of purchase*
  • $ 100.00 – After 20 days
  • *Note – To  qualify for a reduced price offer, you must have entered at least 10 items on your equipment list with appropriate PM tasks, as well as 10 unscheduled work orders.  This creates an initial view of your maintenance requirements enabling our consultants to maximize the benefits of your Quick Start Check.  You will want to assemble the members of your team for this session as the offer is limited to one reduced price session per COGZ initial software purchase.