COGZ Maintenance Management Software Troubleshooting Knowledge Base

COGZ Maintenance Management Software provides several utilities help you resolve your program issues. These are there to help you fix your problem immediately. The program issues are broken down by section, so be sure you check each one to see if anything pertains to your message or specific problem description as seen in COGZ Maintenance Management Software.

Startup Problems Access Denied By COGZ Administrator
Access Denied By Network Administrator
Program Will Not Start
Error 4 Access Rights
Error 47 Data Version
Shortcut Troubleshooting
COGZ Logo Freeze
Create TestFile.tps Error
COGZ CMMS Windows Folder Permissions
COGZ Network User Status
COGZ File Open
Program Freezes COGZ Hangs, Freezes or Crashes
COGZ File Troubleshooting
Email Errors Sending and Receiving Email Errors
Email Troubleshooting for IT Personnel
Corrupted Files File Usage/Corruption Troubleshooting
Fix Damaged or Corrupted Database Files
Why Do Database Files Get Damaged or Corrupted?
Printing Issues Data Not Printing
Physical Inventory Printing
Bar Codes Not Printing Correctly
Update Troubleshooting Update Troubleshooting
File Troubleshooting after Updating
General Restore Database Files From a Backup
Cannot Get Exclusive Access for Backup or File Manager
Send Files to COGZ

If your problem is not discussed above, then follow the problem reporting information here.

This page provides additional information on COGZ Errors as referenced in the COGZ Manual Appendix – System  Errors Section.

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