What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software 5.0

PM Forecast Report Plan ahead with our new PM Forecast Report. See your future  Preventive Maintenance schedule summarized by week, month or year. COGZ takes the guesswork our of budgeting your PM labor and material requirements
PM Task Schedule Ahead Want to add an upcoming PM task to an open Preventive Maintenance work order? COGZ now has the ability to add additional PM tasks, and then update the next due date when work order is completed.
Work Order Availability Report Tracking statistical information to enhance the effectiveness of your Equipment Maintenance Program is simple with the new Work Order Availability Report!  The report calculates Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), and Equipment Availability.
PM Equipment Schedule Labels Keep your staff informed on vital Preventive Maintenance dates! Print an Equipment PM Schedule Label that you can place on or near your equipment for easy reference.
PM Work Order Description More information at a glance!  Select Separate Work Orders option to see PM Task Description as you scroll down the Work Order List.
Work Order Acknowledgement Be confident your staff keeps up to date on open work order status. The Work Order Acknowledgement message shows user logging in the number of open past due work orders and records their acknowledgement.
Return to Vendor Enhance your Inventory Control and Documentation. Enter negative numbers on Receipts or New Purchase Orders for items Returned To Vendors (RTV).
Purchase Order Requisition Use COGZ in conjunction with your Corporate Purchase Order  System. With a configurable Purchase Order Title Override the COGZ Purchase Order System naming can be changed to Purchase Order Requisition. A reference field is available to link to your Corporate Purchase Order System.
Purchase Order Received Cost By PO Report Need an easy way to reconcile accounting numbers for purchases?  Now you can print purchase order received cost by PO number within account.
Purchase Order Print Option Choose a detailed Purchase Order printout to have all your information on a single page. The detailed printout shows additional information such as status, period, and Equipment Number as well as quantities received, if desired.
Purchase Orders Purge/Archive Want to move Older Completed Purchase Orders off your screen?  You can now purge/archive Completed Purchase Orders.
PO Entry Save time, reduce errors!  Purchase Order item entry is even easier now that COGZ automatically fills in cost, quantity and delivery date.
Work Order Email Alerts/Notifications Minimize interruptions and keep everyone informed with email or text messages. COGZ now sends Alerts and Notifications. Easily keep up to date when away from your desk, send work orders to whom they are assigned to and keep the requester up to date.
Work Order Quick Close – Comments Easily add that all important Work Order Comment, even while using the convenient Quick Close. Comment will be added to all tasks on the work order.
Network User List Maximize access, minimize licenses costs as you easily monitor user licenses.  The COGZ Network User List now shows Request users as well as Full COGZ users.
Resources Looking for information on how to use COGZ to make your life easier? Our new Resources page puts the manual, help videos, online tips, and more at your fingertips!
Default Property Added to List The new COGZ Property List shows the Default Property in the main listing, making it easier to select (and even rename) properties.
Cost Center Inventory Activity Report Keep up to date on Inventory cost changes. Print Inventory Activity within Cost Center and Date Ranges entered.  You may select All Activities or just the activities you wish to appear on the report.
COGZ Backups Zip files containing previous COGZ backups are now excluded from new COGZ backups, minimizing backup space requirements.
Some features are only available when optional COGZ CMMS Software Modules are installed.
COGZ CMMS Version 5.0 Update Log