What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software Updates

Below is an ongoing listing of changes implemented by version.

5.0000 Created Equipment PM Labels
5.0000 Added Purchase Order Printing Options – Normal or Detailed
5.0000 Added PM Task Pre-Work Order Add Feature
5.0000 Added Resources screen within program for easy access to manual and online tips
5.0000 Added purge/archive utility for completed purchase orders
5.0000 Created PM Forecast Report
5.0000 Added default property to property list – removed default button
5.0000 Created ability to add negative numbers to Purchase Orders for Returns to Vendor
5.0000 Modified Name of Purchase Order Received Cost By Account Report
5.0000 Added Purchase Order Received Cost By PO Report
5.0000 Exclude ZIP files from Back Ups
5.0000 New Work Order Acknowledgement Feature
5.0000 Changed Log Completed Work Order Entry Form to prohibit invalid work order entry
5.0000 Yellow Quick Tips box no longer pops up automatically when program is started
5.0000 Edited Heading of the PM Forecast Report
5.0000 Added Cost Center Inventory Activity Report
5.0000 Added Work Order Availability Report to Downtime Module
5.0000 Comments field added to Quick Close
Added Live Support option to COGZ EZ Evaluation
5.0000 Clarified PO Report Selection
5.0000 Allowed Receiving Emails to be Optional in WO Request Email System
5.0000 Modified Email Setup Defaults Descriptions
5.0000 Populated PO Item filed with default inventory information for Qty, Cost and Due Date
5.0000 Added Reference Field to PO when used as Purchase Request System
5.0000 Added Decimal Display Option to Cost History by Account Report
5.0000 Clarified Network User List and Network User Form Fields
5.0000 Added Comparison Report to File Manager Freshen Function
5.0000 Added option to see PM Task Description on the Work Order List