What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software 4.90

Spell Check COGZ now has Spell Checker! With the click of a button, you can check your spelling before creating a work order or while entering valuable data into your system.
Purchase Order Change the title of a printed Purchase Order. Need to document your Purchase Requests within COGZ while using the corporate Purchase Order System, for instance? Print “Purchase Requisition” instead of “Purchase Order” and you now have a handy Purchase Order Request System to keep your staff informed on outstanding purchase orders.
Work Order Constantly looking for contact information to follow up on Work Order Requests? Requesters frequently repeating, or forgetting to mention, important details about equipment and/or special instructions? Now you can automatically place important contact information and instructions on a requested work order, increasing speed and safety while reducing time and frustration.
Work Order Ability to assign Standard Library Tasks to NON Preventive Maintenance Work Orders makes entering recurring work orders quick and easy!
Manual Looking for more information on one of COGZ many built in features?  Online Knowledge Base featuring Tips and Troubleshooting now available by clicking on Help then Knowledge Base.
WO Requester Status Updates Requesters spending time and your energy trying to find out the status of their work requests? Keep them up to date automatically when status of a work order changes! COGZ can now email requesters timely information on the progress of their request – freeing everyone for more pressing tasks.
Email Work Orders Eliminate having to Print and Distribute work orders!  Automatically email a PDF of the work order to the assigned to employee as it is created.
CAD Even more standard Windows Third party CAD viewing programs supported so Default Windows program opens files.
Work Order Users can choose between Scheduled or Unscheduled Work Order Type Default. This selection can be made in the Work Order Tab of the System Defaults Form.
Barcode Scanner With the addition of the Unitech HT-630 bar code scanner, users have the option of selecting scanner they will be using in the System Defaults Form.
Web Help Pressing F1 while within the program will automatically bring up the online manual. If no internet connection is available, user will have the option to view the PDF manual and select as default.
Work Order Users now have the ability to view complete task descriptions and attached documents when closing a work order.  Appropriate changes can be made at this time, if needed.
Reports Issue & Receipts Report now has the option to hide cost and qty columns when printing the report.
Meter & Miles With the expansion of the Meter and Miles fields, there is more room to input larger numbers.
Equipment Confirmation now required to delete a piece of equipment.
System Requirements COGZ can now run on 64 Bit Windows version.
Some features are only available when optional COGZ CMMS Software Modules are installed.
COGZ CMMS Version 4.90 Update Log