What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software Updates

Below is an ongoing listing of changes implemented by version.

4.9000  COGZ can now run on 64 Bit Windows versions.
4.9000  Third party CAD viewing programs supported.
4.9000  Unitech HT-630 scanner selection option added
4.9000  Updated F1 hotkey to bring user to the Online Manual if internet available, or the PDF version if no internet
4.9000  Created browser for Work Order Log File
4.9000  Work Order status changes can be emailed to requester
4.9000  Ability to view Attachments and Tasks when closing a Work Order
4.9000  Issue & Receipts Reports Modified to have option of showing totals only
4.9000  Meter and Miles field sizes increased
4.9000  Ability to change the Work Order Type default
4.9000  Purchase Order Title can be edited
4.9000  Spell Checking Added
4.9000  Requester information can be added to show up on work order
4.9000  Confirm Deletion of Equipment Message has been added to avoid accidental Equipment deletion
4.9000  Standard Tasks can be added to a NON Preventive Maintenance Work Order
4.9000  Auto Generate message clarified
4.9000  Messages Boxes clarified
4.9000  Child Queries Template Modified
4.9000  Generate PM Message clarified
4.9000  Message added to advise evaluators that the import/export features are not available in the evaluation
4.9000  Link to Online Knowledge Base in registered program
4.9000  Network User List Email and Auto Generation updated
4.9000  Permissions Prompts added
4.9000  Purchase Order Help
4.9000  Purchase Order Logo File Selection Updated
4.9000  Nomenclature modified on Inventory Bar Code Scan Form
4.9000  Bottom message of PM Task Library List clarified.
4.9000  Remove Tester Flag
4.9000  Increased field and picture size in reports to fit larger numbers
4.9000  Tabs that are not available in evaluation have been hidden to avoid confusion
4.9000  Activity column added as default to the Inventory History Tab of the Equipment List
4.9000  PM Generate Range Selection update meters corrected.
4.9000  Filter and Query
4.9000  T button (Text Output) added to Report Wizard Reports
4.9000  Modified Report Writer file to copy newer file in default directory