COGZ CMMS Software Update & Technical Support Plan*


 *Included with your COGZWeb hosting subscription.


Protect the significant investment made when you purchased COGZ.  Certainly, your company will want to continue to benefit from COGZ CMMS Software far into the future. Therefore, we recommend subscribing to the COGZ Annual Update and Technical Support Plan.

The COGZ Annual Update and Technical Support Plan protects your company’s investment and offers many important benefits.  These benefits include automatically receiving notice of new versions as they are released (containing enhancements and revisions). This makes it even easier for your maintenance department to deliver bottom line time and cost savings.  Also included is technical support from our outstanding customer service team to help keep your department running smoothly.  You want to keep this invaluable service.

Automatic Program Updates and Enhancements!

COGZ CMMS Software is continually being updated and improved.  As a member of this plan, you will receive notice of these enhancements automatically.  Some of the best suggestions for enhancements come from users just like you.

Unlimited Telephone and Email Technical Support and Problem Resolution!

Our COGZ Yearly Update and Support plan includes unlimited telephone and email technical support. If you have a problem, need setup advice or registration codes, we are just a telephone call or email away.  We offer our experience by telephone and email to help you get the most out of your maintenance management software.

This yearly subscription is a modest budgetary line item, which is well worth its cost and is automatically invoiced each year.  Click here for more information on how your subscription is put to work for you.

COGZ Yearly Update and Support Plan is 20% of your current total product list price. Email Module mailbox support fees are added to, and included in, Update and Support plan renewals.


Advanced Technical Support

For the COGZ Premier Support option, please see Advanced Technical Support.

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