COGZ CMMS Update and Support Subscription Details

COGZ provides you with the best CMMS software that gives you years of maintenance management benefits.  Our annual Update and Support Plan is available so that you can take advantage of every program update. You can also technical support as needed.  Even if you do not use the technical support side of the plan, but only want the updates, there are reasons why you will want the update and support subscription plan in place.

How Do Your Subscription Payments Benefit You?

Your Update and Support subscription renewal payments are used in many ways at COGZ Systems to benefit you, our customer.  Your renewal fees are used to ensure there are people here to answer your questions when you call or email. Our support team answers your phone call as soon as possible to help you avoid long waiting periods.  Phone calls are included In your annual subscription cost so that there is no extra fee.

The other aspect of your subscription enables our Developers to continually update the program with useful features and enhancements to make your maintenance operation even easier. As updates become available, we offer them to our subscribers free of charge.  Updaing your software is quick and easy. No need to worry about paying for these updates as we have already incorporated everything into the subscription price.   

What if I Never Call for Support?

Perhaps you have not yet utilized the technical support aspect of the subscription, but it is there to provide you with answers should questions arise.  Maybe you will need it later on.  At least you know that our support staff is here when you need to contact them.  We encourage you to contact us if you are looking for or have questions about something in the CMMS Software.  Maybe a new feature needs some clarification. The support side of the yearly subscription plan covers whatever questions you might need answered. Even touching base with one of our customer service representatives with some feedback or enhancement requests is doable. We like to hear from you to know how things are progressing with your system.

Rather than offering support separately or charge for every phone call you make to our support team, we incorporated the support with updates to provide you with two great services at the same time.  Once you subscribe, you do not have to think twice about calling with questions or paying for an update.

With the benefits of the yearly Update and Support Plan, we encourage you to maintain your subscription so we can continually provide you with feature-filled program updates and freely provide answers to your questions when you call or email.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.