Downtime Module




Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve profitability.  Reducing unscheduled downtime is an effective way to make a positive contribution to the bottom line.  The positive effect on company profits travels two paths – the increase in overall productivity due to less downtime, as well as the decreased costs associated with maintaining an efficient and effective preventive maintenance program.

Do you know what is causing your downtime?  Need to eliminate equipment failures?  With the Downtime Module you can quickly and efficiently determine the cause of your facility or equipment downtime; COGZ CMMS Software Downtime Module gives you the tools to find and document the subtle, and not so subtle, causes of downtime that might normally be overlooked.

The Downtime Module includes the following features:

  • Simplified, form driven Downtime entry.
  • Up to six custom configurable Downtime categories to maintain report consistency.
  • Downtime List to track and analyze your facility/equipment downtime history.
  • Downtime Tab in equipment list to review downtime by equipment.
  • Downtime Report with multiple selection, sort and reporting options to help
    • Reduce costs by prioritizing efforts in the areas with the most costly downtime.
    • Increase productivity and reliability as unscheduled downtimes are eliminated.
  • Work Order Availability Report

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