COGZ EZ Purchasing Enhancement Module




Are your parts coming in on time?  Do you need to reopen or review closed purchase orders?  With the COGZ EZ  CMMS Software Purchasing Enhancement Module you can now fine tune your system for efficient and detailed maintenance purchasing management; you have the tools to easily know your costs by account, modify old purchase orders, as well as know spending amounts with your vendors.

The COGZ EZ CMMS Software Purchasing Enhancement Module includes the following features:

  • Open Purchase Order by Vendor Report
  • Open Purchase Order by PO Number Report
  • Purchase Order Cost Report
  • Purchase Order Received Cost Report
  • Purchase Order History List
  • Vendor Purchase History Form
  • Vendor Purchase List Report with Purchase Information
  • Reopen, Review, and Print completed Purchase Orders
  • Print Primary and/or Secondary Part Numbers on Purchase Orders
  • Automatically create purchase orders for inventory items below the minimum quantity required when the Inventory Enhancement Module is installed.
  • Purge/Archive Completed Purchase Orders
  • Multiple Ship To and Bill To Addresses
  • Export PO Status
  • Access to Purchase Order Report Wizard

COGZ CMMS Software Bundle comes complete with the Purchasing Enhancement Module.

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