COGZ EZ Inventory Enhancement Module




Is your inventory completely unmanageable?  How would you know if you have too few or too many parts?  With the COGZ EZ CMMS Software Inventory Enhancement Module* you can now efficiently maintain control of your physical inventory; you have the tools to easily reorder parts, keep track of the part vendors, as well as know the cost to replace parts.

The COGZ EZ CMMS Software Inventory Enhancement Module includes the following features:

  • Inventory Reorder by Vendor Report
  • Inventory Reorder by Part Number Report
  • Inventory Receipts Report
  • Inventory Issue Report
  • Inventory History List
  • Inventory Committed to Work Orders List
  • Purge/Archive Inventory History
  • Inventory Parts Tag Printing System
  • Physical Inventory Counting System
  • Inventory Graphics Display System
  • Five Inventory Locations
  • Use average cost when issuing inventory and on Inventory Master Report
  • Inventory Activity Report
  • Access to Inventory and Inventory History Report Wizards

*COGZ CMMS Software Bundle comes complete with the Inventory Enhancement Module.

Click on this link for the Inventory Enhancement Module Details