COGZ CMMS Software Problem Reporting

COGZ Problem Reporting

At COGZ Systems, we work with our customers to try and resolve any problems that might be experienced within COGZ CMMS Software.  As such, we can only offer help to our customers currently subscribed to the yearly Update and Support Plan.  We also recommend as subscribers to this plan that you are always on the current program version as it becomes extremely difficult to support a program that is completely outdated.  If you have already reviewed the COGZ Knowledge Base to resolving your own problems and did not find a resolution, then use the information below to get in touch with your problem so we can review it and determine the next course of action.

What We Need From You

1. We can only help you if you are currently subscribed to the yearly Update and Support Plan. Please check the status with your COGZ Administrator.

2. Know your current program version by checking the Help-About screen in your program. If you are not on the latest program version, you will need to update. Get in touch to let us know which version you are running so we may send instructions for updating.

3. Before contacting COGZ Systems, LLC with your problem, check the following questions to see if the problem can be resolved or at least understand from where it might be coming:

a)  Can this problem be duplicated?
If the problem can be duplicated and you are running a network version do each of your computers have the same problem and can be duplicated?
  Have you rebooted the computer? If so, did this resolve the problem?

4. If all of the above information does not help you see if the problem information, please setup a Word document with your company name, serial number, and program version (found in the Help/About screen).

5. Using the Word document, provide screen shots/picture of your question/error message(s) in the document for reference.

6. If screen shots are not possible, please copy the message(s) text into the document for reference.

7. Document the steps taken for your problem to arise. This needs to be detailed information regarding how to duplicate the error, etc. We need to see if we can duplicate the problem ourselves.

8. If there are any other specific details pertaining to your problem please let us know that as well.

9. Once all the information has been compiled in the Word document, please save the document as Yourcompanyname_Problem.doc and email it Please also keep a copy of this document in case we have any questions.

Any information you can send us will help us attempt to provide you with the answer to your question.


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