Email System Connections and Options

COGZ Email Module Overview

The COGZ Optional Email Module has several separate and distinct capabilities. Some of these capabilities require additional Optional Modules. When combined, these modules can:

(1) Manually Email Work Orders, Purchase Orders or Reports
(2) Automatically Email Work Orders and Receive WO Done Information
(3) Automatically Send WO Requests and Automatically Email Status Updates to the Requester

The Email Module, with additional modules, allows your COGZ CMMS Software to:

  • Manually Send PDF copies of Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Reports (1)
  • Automatically Send Email Notifications, with optional PDF, of New Work Orders to the Assigned To (2)
  • Receive Email Notification of Work Done to COGZ Work Order List, updating the Work Order Status (2)
  • Receive Email Transmissions of Work Order Requests directly into COGZ (3)
  • Automatically Send Work Order Requesters Acknowledgements and Updates on the Status of their Requests (3)
  • Automatically Notify Maintenance Management of New Requests (3)

(1) Basic Email Functionality, does not require additional modules  (2) Requires Paperless Work Order Module  (3) Requires Work Order Request Module
(2) and/or (3) Require Email Connection


For assistance with email troubleshooting, click here.