Preventive Maintenance Software

Preventive Maintenance Software is the heart of COGZ CMMS. One of the many available features, the preventive maintenance wizard, helps you to get your preventive maintenance software up-and-running as quickly as possible. The COGZ preventive maintenance software system also includes standard preventive maintenance tasks for your use, making it the most intuitive innovation of it’s kind. Preventive maintenance software normally requires a lot of repetitive data entry, but not with COGZ; data entry could not be any simpler. You merely pick the preventive maintenance tasks from the list that come with the COGZ program, in addition to your own added custom preventive maintenance tasks, that apply to the piece of equipment you are creating preventive maintenance schedules for and click the create button. You have just created you first preventive maintenance schedule. One of the secondary benefits of the preventive maintenance software task list is it presents a list of preventive maintenance tasks for you making it virtually impossible to forget a critical preventive maintenance task

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In addition to the PM wizard, there are a number of additional tools to help you with setting up your preventive maintenance software. The first of these tools is the ability to create copies of existing equipment and their task schedules. The real power of this tool is that once you have created the perfect schedule the software will copy this same schedule to other similar pieces of equipment. This allows for a speedy and accurate setup of your system.

Any preventive maintenance tasks that are not completed are rescheduled for the next time you generate your work orders. You will never misplace a critical preventive maintenance work order because they are automatically regenerated until completed. Whether you generate by meters, miles, or days, feel confident that your tasks will be accomplished.

We encourage you to try COGZ using our free thirty day trial. Just download by clicking on the link provided above. During the evaluation, please call us with any questions you may have. Our goal is to provide you with a simple to setup, easy to use, and powerful preventive maintenance software solution.

This following section is from the COGZ User Guide:

PM Standard Task Library List: A collection of pre-defined preventive maintenance standard tasks.  You may add or modify these tasks as needed for your maintenance routine.  After making your selection, you will be returned to the PM Task Form and the information will be automatically entered.  You can add or change any additional information, but not the description, because that is linked to the original standard library task. (If this is a non-standard task from the library, you can edit the task description as you are entering the information.)  This powerful feature allows you to make global changes to all of your preventive maintenance tasks merely by changing the preventive maintenance  standard task library description.  This feature is only for use on tasks that are utilized for multiple pieces of equipment.

Preventive Maintenance Software