Equipment Maintenance Software

A key element in equipment maintenance software is the ability to use it to view the life history of your equipment. Maintenance software is a key element in any management organization. Using the right equipment maintenance software enables you to productively assess your current company maintenance situation. As work is completed on each piece of equipment contained in the equipment maintenance software, the tasks completed, costs in labor, materials breakdown failures, and even parts replacement information become part of the history of that specific piece of equipment contained in the equipment maintenance software. Why is that important?

First, repetitive failures cost huge amounts of money. This is wasted profit. Reviewing the history contained in your program will help you identify the most costly problems in your operation. In other words, if you ask where is the most money being wasted, the answer is contained in the history of your equipment maintenance program.

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Second, your equipment maintenance system will assist you in remembering past failures and what you did for repairs. This becomes important when a certain failure is rare, but when it does happen, you have to start over with investigating repair procedures and parts needed every time this same problem occurs. Without the proper system of tracking and information, this could take up valuable amounts of your time. With the right program, contained in the history of your system will be everything you logged in from the previous failure. Thus, utilizing planned maintenance systems for your routine maintenance operation will provide you with years of breakdown failure information quickly and efficiently so there is no need to retrace your steps for every failure that occurs. Equipment maintenance software benefits save valuable time in your rush to make repairs.

Third, sometimes a piece of equipment outlives its useful life. There is enough information in your equipment maintenance programs to compare the “cost to maintain” with the cost to replace. Often that comparison is the justification needed to get rid of a problem machine. Avoid more than just routine task management for each piece. With the proper tools, quickly determine the machines that need to be replaced and updated. Stop wasting your resources on these outdated machines and use the money more wisely on replacing or updating these failing instruments of your operation. For these and many other reasons, COGZ equipment maintenance systems will give you the ability to completely maintain your machinery. Now you can finally reduce you machine costs and control your asset management system and planned maintenance for equipment with COGZ! Come see what the benefits of equipment maintenance software are all about.

Ensuring that your entire department takes part in your routine schedules, provides you and your company with the necessary information to continue with certain organizational roles and cost control.  Knowing when machines are past their prime or really in need of replacement is easily accomplished with COGZ. Take a look for yourself and see how COGZ CMMS will benefit your entire company!