CMMS System Design

The most important “feature” of COGZ CMMS system design is being user-friendly!  The purpose of CMMS system is not to be cumbersome or difficult to use, but to give your maintenance staff more time for productive functions in your operation.  That is a most valuable feature in COGZ CMMS System.  With COGZ, there is no need to be concerned about losing or wasting time managing your CMMS software. In most applications, the operation of COGZ CMMS can be absorbed into your existing labor force without adding additional clerical activities.  This is a huge benefit when it comes to making a CMMS justification for your operation.  This is accomplished without sacrificing the many needed functions that are so vital to the operation of your system.  A huge benefit with minimal sacrifice is why COGZ is such a popular and fast growing CMMS provider today.  Join the growing list of satisfied COGZ users and experience what a true CMMS is designed to do.  Don’t just take our word for it; try the software free for 30 days.  We are confident you will agree with us that COGZ is the best CMMS software available today.

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With the maintenance management experience on our staff here at COGZ, we were able to design the COGZ CMMS system to meet the following intended design specifications:

  • A mere token learning curve is required.
  • Fast and simple to setup which means you are using the software quickly.
  • Easy to utilize with commanding features.
  • Minimal time required to facilitate.
  • Fail safe CMMS that requires NO computer experience to install or maintain.
  • Scheduling and printing with a single click!

These are but a few of the real benefits of using a COGZ CMMS system.

As you can readily see, COGZ CMMS is well suited for today’s “real world” situations within the maintenance function, situations that require doing more with diminishing resources.  The rule today is to do more with less. Modern automation in industry today has made the repair functions of equipment more than just mere mechanical repairs and adjustments.  Equipment knowledge, including repairs and adjustments, has become very technical. Maintenance personnel are not the “grease monkeys” of yesterday, but highly trained and skilled professionals that are a valuable resource to your successful operation.  Keep them working efficiently by adding COGZ CMMS to your maintenance team.  By doing so, you actually add yet another valuable resource to your crew that is like having an additional member on your staff.  COGZ working for your entire department and company can provide ample benefits to your equipment maintenance production schedules.  Working with COGZ offers so many features and capabilities that you can build the program for your needs.  Let the COGZ CMMS system design work to benefit your maintenance operation!

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