What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software Updates

Below is an ongoing listing of changes implemented by version.

6.10000 Log Completed Work entries include sign-off information in work order history.
6.10000 Manual email of PO’s, Work Orders and Reports use the assigned COGZ email address
6.10000 Sort Inventory Bar Code Labels by Part Number or Location
6.10000 Create Repair Work Orders derived from PM’s with a single click
6.10000 New Inventory Export Capability
6.10000 Expanded Information on users who are logged into COGZ
6.10200 Cost Printing on Inventory Labels Enhanced
6.10200 Find Inventory with no activity on the Inventory Master Report
6.10200 Add Frequency column to the Work Order List 
6.10200 Add Work Done to notification email sent to requester