COGZ CMMS Software Version 5.3 Update Log

What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software Updates

Below is an ongoing listing of changes implemented by version.

5.3000 Redefined Cursor Tab Order on PO and Close Work Order
5.3000 Enhanced Special Character Handling in PM Description
5.3000 Removed Duplicate WO History Query Fields
5.3000 Fixed PO Quantity Change on Edit
5.3000 Clarified Network User List
5.3000 Updated File Manager with New Tables
5.3000 Enhanced Web Hosting Options
5.3000 Fixed Date Login Text
5.3000 Fixed WO Request Task Entry
5.3000 Fixed Missing PO Location
5.3000 Updated List Export Issue
5.3000 Eliminated Misplaced Miles/Meters on PM WO Printing
5.3000 Removed Setup Access from WO App Users
5.3000 Fixed Inventory Reorder by Vendor Report
5.3000 Fixed PO Received Cost Report Sort
5.3000 Fixed Approved by Insert Condition on PO Form
5.3000 Eliminated Freeze on Double Click
5.3020 Fixed WO Request Notification
5.3020 Limited Affects of Bounced Work Order Emails
5.3020 Enhanced Handling of HTML Emails in WO Request System
5.3030 Moved truncated date column on Component Entry Form
5.3030 Fixed File Access button in File Manager
5.3030 Fixed PM Forecast Report by Meters
5.3030 Added Note to PM Forecast Report regarding calculation method
5.3030 Simplified Note List available fields
5.3030 Fixed Quantity & Delete key on Purchase Order Item Form
5.3060 Fixed truncated WO Description on WO List
5.3060 Fixed duplicating entries on Downtime Module
5.3060 Fixed Inventory on Order on Inventory Form