What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software 5.3

PM Work Orders Choose to See the Actual PM Task Due Date as the Scheduled Date on the Work Order and Work Order List. Have this information at your fingertips to Expedite Assignments.
PM Work Orders Document Work Done by adding attachments to PM Work Orders. Create an easily retrieved record of completed work.
PM Forecast Report List all your Future Preventive Maintenance Tasks, summarized by chosen period, for the time range selected. The PM Forecast Report shows all PM’s, whether based on Days, Meter Reading or Miles.
Paperless Work Orders Eliminate the Paper! Automatically send Work Orders to the Assigned to person; Enable staff to mark Work Orders Done via Email or directly on Work Order Form.
Work Order List Save Time, Limit Display of Open Work Orders to the Logged In User!
Work Order History Save time when printing from Work Order History List. Enhanced speed when printing.

Work Order
Summary Report

See completion data based on Work Orders in addition to Tasks or Hours.
Email Defaults Enhance Email Recognition. Customize Sender Name on your Work Order/Work Request Email System.
Inventory Speed up your Physical Inventory and Cycle Counts. Create Inventory Count Sheets with or without Inactive Parts.
Inventory Reduce Workload. Print Inventory Master Report with or without Inactive Parts.


Easily search for parts by Drawing Tag Number.
Inventory/Purchase Order Use our Enhanced Cost Tracking. Parts and Purchasing Costs now accept larger amounts.
Purchase Order Print Purchase Order now has added option to include OEM field.
List Export Exporting from Lists has been updated to handle special characters when formatting for Spreadsheets.
Report Writer Standard Report Writer Receipts Reports have been updated to Print Receipts by Number, Date or Range.
Work Order Request Added Option to Require Equipment Entry on the Work Order Request Application Form.
View Presentations and Videos Presentations as well as MP4 file types have been added to the type of file attachments that can be Viewed.
Inventory Streamline all documentation for an inventory part in one place.  You can attach multiple documents/drawings on the Inventory Form.
Inventory Save time by viewing the component Quantity on Hand. Select the equipment component from a drop down box.  Tag number can also be viewed on the Equipment Used On tab.
Equipment Save time by viewing the component Quantity on Hand before you schedule the work.
Work Order Request Enhanced information on Work Order Request Emails enable quicker recognition and response.
Email Increased security with the Email System. SSL/TLS capabilities have been added.
Equipment Detail Report Now you can see PM Frequencies in both Days and Meter/Mile settings on the Report.
PM Repeats Report With both Days and Meter/Miles shown, easily determine the important PM trigger factors on the PM Repeats Report
SecureTrac Module Tighten your processes with Electronic Signatures when closing work orders or Approving Purchase Ordered. Give your managers and auditors the tools they require.
Security Ability to Log Off Users added to enhance ability to Backup your COGZ data.
Security Eliminate guesswork. Login Information clearly shown for each user when username and password are created.
Enterprise Version Security Enhanced with creation of Administrative Default Property, All your locations now have separate, distinct folders.

Some features are only available when optional COGZ CMMS Software Modules are installed.

COGZ CMMS Version 5.3 Update Log