What’s New? COGZ CMMS Software Updates

Below is an ongoing listing of changes implemented by version.

5.1000 Updated Account Budget Detail Report Totals
5.1000 Removed Back Button from Close Work Orders Menu Selection
5.1000 Enhanced Purchase Order Printing Security
5.1000 Enhanced Priority Field flow from Equipment to Work Order
5.1000 Implemented New 64 Bit Compatible Report Writer
5.1000 Expanded Enforced Work Order Request Lookup Requirement
5.1000 Created Enterprise Version of COGZ, added Independent Backup and Filefix Feature
5.1000 Enhanced WO Availability Report Selection
5.1000 Clarified Network User List Features
5.1000 Enhanced Negative Number Visibility in PO Forms and Reports
1000 Added Screen Size and Location User Form
5.1000 Added Security to Import/Export Functions
5.1000 Updated Receiver Number incrementing
5.1000 Removed Duplication from Component Parts List
5.1000 Updated Browse on Manual Email Address Selection
5.1000 Downtime Entry on Log Completed Work Form Now Transfers to Downtime Form
5.1000 Simplified Exiting COGZ when Email Running
5.1000 Enabled List Tools on Work Order Request Management List
5.1000 Corrected Work Order Header Title Printing