COGZ EZ Work Order Enhancement Module




Are all of your work orders being completed?  Do some of your employees have more work than others?  With the COGZ EZ CMMS Software Work Order Enhancement Module you can now monitor and add even more automation to your system for efficient and detailed work order management; you have the tools to automatically assign parts to your work orders, keep track of your employees’ workload, as well as discover how much time was spent on your work orders.  Comprehensive work order management tool.

The COGZ EZ CMMS Software Work Order Enhancement Module includes the following features:

  • Work Order Load Hours Report
  • Work Order Summary Report
  • Work Order History Cost Report
  • Assign Parts to Corrective Work Orders
  • Automatically assign parts required to Preventive Maintenance Work Orders
  • Detailed and Condensed Work Order Report Print Formats
  • Automatically issue parts assigned to a work order when the work order is closed
  • Automatic Preventive Maintenance Generation option
  • Work Order Acknowledgement
  • Limit Work Order List to Logged in User
  • Work Order Past Due Report
  • Assign multiple technicians to a single work order
  • Access to Work Order and Work Order History Report Wizards
  • Quickly Create Repair Work Orders when closing Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

COGZ CMMS Software Bundle comes complete with the Work Order Enhancement Module.

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