Email Module




Does it take too much time to get work to your off-site employees?  Don’t have time to wait for the (snail) mail to get a purchase order to your vendor?  With the COGZ CMMS Software Email Module you can quickly and efficiently eliminate time consuming mailing routines; you now have the tools to completely automate and speed up your maintenance operation.

The COGZ CMMS Software Email Module allows you to email work orders, purchase orders or any COGZ report directly from your desktop.

  • Email work orders to your remote vendor or off-site employee.
  • Email purchase orders directly to the vendor or Purchase Requests to your purchasing department.
  • Email reports to your supervisor or corporate office.
  • Email helps speed the flow of information.
  • Email reduces paperwork and mailing costs.

The following features require the Work Order Request Module:

  • Enable requestors to email work order requests to COGZ.
  • Email or text department manager or scheduler when new requests are received.
  • Email or text Work Order Request Status Notifications to requestor.
  • Place Work Order Request Form on your company’s web site for staff convenience.
  • Add customized notes to enhance the standard email notification messages.

The following features require the Paperless Work Order Module:

  • Email or text work order notifications and email a copy of the work order to assigned employees.
  • Add a customized note to enhance the standard notification email message.
  • Email a complete PDF copy of the new work order for online information or remote printing.
  • Email when the work is DONE, updating the Work Order Status
  • Email Detailed Done Comments

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