Report Writer Module




Do you need to create reports that are not available in COGZ?  The Report Writer Module allows you to create reports easily. An optional training course is available, call us for details.

WYSIWYG Report Design

COGZ Graphical Report Writer’s report formatter lets you see what your report will look like as you lay it out.

Relational Design Is Easy

You don’t have to be an expert Database Administrator to setup fully relational reports.  The module guides you through the process allowing you to pick files, fields, keys, and setup relationships as you go.

Formulas, Functions, and More

With the functions available you have a complete set of tools at your fingertips ready to go to work for you.

Complete Set Of Date and Numeric Formats Are Available

Often called “picture tokens,” you have a complete set of data formatting tools available to you.  You can format numeric and currency data, use any of the many date and time formats.

Fully Integrated with COGZ

Reports written with the Report Writer can be saved to and accessed from the Reports menu of COGZ. Simply go to the Report Writer section to view a list of each custom report that you have written.  Select the desired report and press print to generate.


The COGZ Report Writer includes a web based tutorial with examples and complete documentation of its capabilities.