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Property/Database License Details

The COGZ CMMS Software Property/Database License includes the following features:

  • Centralized Viewing of Properties within COGZ CMMS Software.
  • Create Properties and associated File Paths.
  • Create a separate language file for each database for property-specific nomenclature*.

*Please note that this option requires the Custom/Translation Module

The Properties List will allow you to control all of your properties with a single COGZ system.  This list allows you to add multiple databases up to the available licenses and also to set Property name and File Path.

CMMS Software Property Form

Use this Property Form to create new Property databases and their file paths in COGZ CMMS Software.  This form allows you to name databases with familiar Property names, such as Department or Site names.

CMMS Software Property Form Translation File

You can check this box if you need a separate translation for each individual property of your system and then control this translation with theCustom/Translation module.

Click on this link for the CMMS Software Property/Database License Overview