COGZ Paperless Work Order Module Details

Consider adding the Paperless Work Order Module to your COGZ configuration. Want to automatically distribute Work Orders as they are created? Need immediate feedback when a Work Order is finished? The Paperless Work Order Module, when combined with the Email Module sends the Work Order to the assigned to person. When the work is completed, the assigned to can email back to COGZ, thus marking the Work Order as DONE, and automatically updating the comments.

The COGZ CMMS Software Paperless Work Order Module includes the following features:*

  • Automatically Email or Text New Work Order Notifications to the Assigned to Person
  • Attach a pdf copy of the Work Order to the Notification
  • Email Work Order Done Status Change to COGZ
  • Enter Comments detailing Work Done from the email
  • Show Done Work Orders on Work Order List for Closing
  • Manually Enter Work Done Prior to Closing
  • Done Comments insert automatically for Closing Work Orders

* Note: Some of the listed features require the optional Email Module.

Click on this link for the Paperless Work Order Module Overview