Custom/Translation Module Details

With the COGZ CMMS Software Custom/Translation Module you can efficiently modify COGZ language and/or nomenclature to reduce user error; you now have the flexibility to customize features in COGZ CMMS Software for use in any country or with any maintenance nomenclature.

*Please note that data cannot be translated; only COGZ CMMS Software text is translatable.

Custom Nomenclature

The Custom Nomenclature Feature includes the following:

  • Customize text using your own nomenclature on screens and reports
  • Enhance the terminology to reflect your industry
  • Modify the default fields to maintain consistency with current systems
  • Customize the entire program, or just a few areas
  • Create Property Specific Translation Files*

*Please note that this option requires a Property/Database License

Language Translation

The Translation Feature includes the following:

  • Translate text to run COGZ entirely in another language
  • Operate in English and one additional language
  • Maintain total control of your translation
  • Turn translation on and off as required at program start up

The Custom Nomenclature/Language Translation form is used to enter the replacement nomenclature and/or the language translation.  Nomenclature/language items that can be replaced are String, Text, Messages, Tips, Menus, Menu Items, Window Titles, Help Items, List Box Headers and Pictures.

Set Administrator/User Options

Maintain total control of your translation:

  • As an Administrator
  • As a User
  • Turn customization/translation on and off as required at program start up.  This option allows users to choose if and when they want to load the Translation File. If you choose not to load the Translation File then the Default will load for COGZ.
  • Create Property Specific Nomenclature Files*

*Please note that this option requires a Property/Database License

Click on this link for the CMMS Software Custom/Translation Module Overview