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COGZ EZ Cost Enhancement Module Details

  • Budget Entry Form for labor, material, and hours for each account
  • Account Report
  • Cost History by Line Report
  • Cost History by Account Report
  • Equipment Cost Report

CMMS Software Account Form

The COGZ CMMS Software Budget Entry Form allows you to enter budget data by labor, material and hours for variance analysis purposes.  It is also where actual data is accumulated.  Data is displayed by month.  The current period is controlled manually in the Systems Default form and is incremented automatically as you close out accounting periods.

CMMS Software Detailed Account Report
CMMS Software Account Budget Summary Report

CMMS Software Account Budget Detail Report

The Account Report prints summary cost information for each account. This report provides cost information by account with
grand totals for budget, actual and variance figures. You may specify a range of accounts or a single account using the From and To selection.

With the Cost History by Line Report you can review summary cost information for each piece of equipment by line, department and cost center. See where
you are spending your maintenance dollars. You may print a partial list of equipment by selecting a From and a To range.

The Cost History by Accounting Report prints summary cost information for each piece of equipment grouped by account number. Look at one account or a range of accounts by selecting the From and To range. Costs are summarized by equipment number, description and account for Month, Year and Life to Date costs. It will also calculate Grand Totals for Month, Year and Life to Date Costs for the account.

CMMS Software Equipment Cost Report - PO Ordered
CMMS Softare Equipment Cost Report - PO Received

CMMS Software Equipment Cost Report - Inventory History

There are three variations of the Equipment Cost Report: PO Ordered, PO Received and Inventory History. This report lists the Equipment, Description, (PO Ordered Material, PO Received or Inventory History), Labor Time and Total. You can select a date range that you want to print.

The Cost Center Inventory Activity Report prints inventory activity within the cost center and date ranges entered.  You may select all activities or just the
activities you wish to appear on the report.