COGZ CMMS Software Bundle Overview




The COGZ CMMS Software Bundle combines preventive maintenance, work orders, inventory, and purchasing in an intuitive interface.  This is the flagship program.  Designed for ease-of-use and nominal operator time, it includes advanced features to rapidly get your Preventive Maintenance System running.  The COGZ Bundle includes reports and data analysis features to fine-tune your maintenance operation.  The COGZ CMMS Software Bundle is comprised of COGZ EZ with six enhancement modules.  The included program features can be found below.

Feature Description Feature Description
Work Order Reminder Change PM Task Assignments
Backup Reminder Equipment Meter Reading Sheets Printout
Backup Database File Utility Enter Equipment Meter Readings
Restore Database File Utility Import Meter Readings
System Security Inventory List
Purge/Archive Work Order History Inventory Part Entry
Import Archived Work Order History Inventory Part Label Queue
Purge/Archive Inventory History Inventory Part Other Locations
Import Archived Inventory History Inventory Purchasing/Other Vendors Entry
Reset Equipment Cost History Inventory Last Physical Inventory Date
Reset Vendor History Inventory Parts Vendors
Reset Employee History Inventory Part Cross Reference
Reset PM Repeats and Averages Inventory Part History
Start New Database Inventory Equipment Used On
Import Data Utility Issue Inventory
Export Data Utility Issue Inventory Additional Location Selection
List Customization Receive Inventory
Query Wizard Receive Inventory Additional Location Selection
Account List Setup Receive Inventory Part Label Queue
Account List Budget Setup: Labor, Material, Hours Restock Inventory
Cost Center Setup Restock Inventory Additional Location Selection
Department Setup Inventory Count
Employee/Assigned To Form Inventory Count Additional Location Selection
Employee/Assigned To Form Hours Worked Inventory History List
General Note Setup Inventory Committed to Work Orders
Location Setup Physical Inventory
Note Setup Purchase Order List
Skill Setup Show/Review/Reopen Completed Purchase Orders
PM Standard Task Library List Print Purchase Orders
Cascade Task Library Changes to Equipment PM’s Print Received Purchase Orders
Vendor Setup Purchase Order Entry
Vendor Purchases Purchase Order Item Entry
Priority Setup Receive Purchase Orders
Section Setup Generate Inventory Reorder List and Reorder Entry
Status Setup Report Output Selection: Print, Preview and Print
Requester Setup Account Report
System Defaults General Setup Account Report: Budget Summary Detail Options
System Defaults Work Order Setup Cost History by Line Report
System Defaults Work Order Estimated Time & Type Cost History by Account Report
System Defaults Purchase Order Setup Equipment Cost Report
System Defaults PO Other Part Number Usage Cost Center Report
System Defaults Purchase Order Contact Setup Department Report
System Defaults Inventory Setup Employee/Assigned To List Report
System Defaults Inventory Average Cost & Part/Tag Cost Employee/Assigned To List Report: Hours Worked
System Defaults Advanced Setup Employee/Assigned To Performance Report
System Defaults Advanced Procedure Audit Setup Equipment List Report
User Preferences Setup Equipment Detail Report
Work Order List General Note Report
Print Work Orders Inventory Reorder by Vendor Report
Work Order Setup Inventory Reorder by Part Number Report
Drawing/Document Printing Inventory Receipts Report
Work Order Entry Inventory Issue Report
Work Order Parts Entry Inventory Master Report
Work Order Task List Equipment Label Report
Work Order Parts List Inventory Label Report
Completed Work Order Task List Location Report
Close Completed Work Orders Note Report
Work Order Completion-Add Additional Parts PM Task Library Report
Work Order Completion-Add Additional Labor PM Repeats Report
Quick Close Completed Work Orders PM Estimated Hours Report
Log Completed Work PM Estimated Hours by Assigned To Report
PM Work Order Generation PM Downtime Estimated Hours Report
Work Order History Open Purchase Orders by Vendor Report
Equipment List Open Purchase Orders by PO Number Report
Equipment Entry Purchase Order Cost Report
Equipment Add Drawings/Documents Purchase Order Received Cost Report
Equipment Label Queue Skill Report
Equipment Setup Vendor Report
Equipment PM Task Setup Vendor Report: Purchasing Information
Equipment PM Task Parts Required Setup Open Work Order Report
Equipment PM Task Add Drawing/Document Print Work Orders
Equipment Components Setup Work Order Summary Report
Equipment Work Order History Work Order History Report
Equipment Inventory History Work Order History Cost Report
Equipment PM Wizard Task Setup Work Order Load Hours Report
Copy Equipment PM Task Setup Report Writer Reports: Additional Reports