COGZ Work Order Software Numbering Restarting

Work Order Numbering

COGZ Work Order Software ensures that work orders are generated based on your designated parameters.  Each time you generate or add a new work order to the Work Order List, the next work order number will be used and then update as the last number used in the System Defaults Form for your reference.

If you wish to use specific numbering for your work orders and restart them, we do not recommend turning your work order numbers back to zero (0) as you would end up with duplicate records in your work order history.  What you can do is simply increase your work order numbers to maybe the next hundred or thousand number, basically, whatever works best for your operation.  For example, if you are currently on work order number 48, you can increase your number to 100 or even 50, depending on what you need for your system.  Your probably want to increase to the next whole number for ease of incrementing your numbering system.

The only way to adjust your work order numbering is in the System Defaults Form under the Work Order Tab.  The System Defaults Form can be found under the Setup menu.

Work Order Software System Defaults Form Generation Tab

The Last WO Number field is where the adjustment would be made.  You would enter the last number “used” so the next number would be the one that you wanted. In the example screen above, the change would probably be made to start with work order number 2000. To do so, you would make the last number 1999 as shown below.

Work Order Software System Defaults Work Order Tab

Work Order Software Entry Form

When a new work order is created in the Work Order List the number is now 2000 as shown above.  As these new work orders are setup the last work order number field updates with the last number

Possible reasons to adjust your work order numbering:

  • New Year
  • New Fiscal Year
  • New Period

Additional information on COGZ Work Order Numbering can be found in the COGZ Manual under Work Order Tab in the System Defaults section.

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