COGZ CMMS Software Installation Instructions

COGZ CMMS Software Update/Upgrade Installation Instructions

Carefully follow the instructions below to update/upgrade your COGZ CMMS software.  All necessary passwords and codes have been provided via email. If you have not received this information, please contact us before proceeding.

Installation Prerequisite

Download and installation of the COGZ CMMS software, modules, updates and upgrades is best done by your computer systems IT manager/network administrator.  Installation requires knowledge of and familiarity with drives, folders, files, and shortcuts, as well as administrative rights to the setting of local and network access and permissions.

Pre-Installation Steps

  1. Be sure all users are logged off of COGZ and you have backed up your entire COGZ program before proceeding. This is done by selecting the “All (*.*) Except .zip” option on the Backup Database Files form.
  2. Even if you are already on the latest version, please install this upgrade to ensure all modules are activated.
  3. If this is a new server installation, please update/upgrade existing COGZ system before moving to your server. Do not install separately from existing system. (Instructions for moving can be found below).

Download and Installation Steps

  2. Save, then Open to run the downloadable file.
  3. Specify the correct directory where COGZ is installed. The default is C:\COGZ.
  4. Install the COGZ program files in the directory created for COGZ on your PC or your network server.  All files should be installed in this directory.  Full creation and deletion rights are required for the directory where COGZ is installed.
  5. After you have run the downloadable file, click on the desktop icon to start COGZ.
  6. Users with COGZ versions that support data in multiple folders need to open all folders in COGZ after each update.

If Upgrading: Additional Module Setup Instructions

Information on your new modules can be found in the COGZ Manual.

Be sure to direct the network administrator to create server space for COGZ:
Instructions for Moving COGZ to Server
Network/Barcode/Work Order Request Setup Instructions

CMMS Software – Equipment Maintenance Software