COGZ CMMS Software New Purchase Installation Instructions

COGZ CMMS Software Installation Instructions


Installation Prerequisite

Download and installation of your COGZ CMMS software or modules is best done by your computer systems IT manager/network administrator.  Installation requires knowledge of and familiarity with drives, folders, files, and shortcuts, as well as administrative rights to the setting of local and network access and permissions.

Registration and Initial Setup Steps

  1. Click Here for the COGZ Registration Form
    Registration assures prompt customer service.
  2. Click Here For Instructions on How To Delete All Data From COGZ
    If you do not wish to save the evaluation, be sure it is deleted so that you will only have one copy of COGZ.
  3. Password and Registration Codes needed for install are included in your email.
  4. If this is a networked installation, direct the network administrator to create server space for COGZ. If you are updating an evaluation version that is on a single PC to the server, please update then move to your server (instructions on moving are below). Do not install separately from evaluation system.

Download and Installation Steps

  2. Save, then open to run the downloadable file.
  3. Install the COGZ program files in the directory created for COGZ on your PC or your network server.  All files should be installed in this directory.
    Full creation and deletion rights are required for the directory where COGZ is installed.
  4. After you have run the downloadable file, click on the desktop icon to start COGZ.

Additional Module Setup Instructions

Information on your new modules can be found in the COGZ Manual.  Select Help->Resources on the COGZ menu bar.

Be sure to direct the network administrator to create server space for COGZ:
Instructions for Moving COGZ to Server
Network/Barcode/Work Order Request Setup Instructions


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